Hello Stranger, Your Smiles: Priceless

This sense of happiness is beyond mountains and valleys and fountains, beyond unicorns and rainbows and pots of gold, beyond new fancy dresses and cool biker jackets and beyond new expensive number one ranking gadgets. Making people happy can actually be so addictive!

So the excited bunch of us woke up bright and early, did some final touch ups and full-dress rehearsals (much needed!), and we were ready to rock and roll. Ready or not, we knew we had to do it. It is the day we have been planning for. So we mustered all our courage, let down all our pride, made our skin as thick as possible and we paraded down Orchard Road, the heart of Singapore, like a boss. 😀

Heres the deal- our 8 models strutted down traffic junctions, held up cards that greeted “Hello Stranger”, counted to 5, flipped the cards and the words “Honk if you are having a great day!” appeared. Neat.

The response was super awesome! Its so awesome we are very touched by it. It rained halfway but the response we got encouraged us to do more. We wanted to collect more smiles!

People honked back at us (someone even did a 11 honk melody), some waved hello, some took out their cameras, some rushed over to join us at the traffic junctions, and of course, many smiled. I guess that was what we were looking for. We wanted people to be happy. It may be a few seconds of joy but happiness is infectious. It will spread.

This is really an amazing Sunday. It definitely beats lounging at home, snacking on chips and watching pointless videos online. It made me so energised and so ready for the week ahead. Those smiles, I will never forget. Now let me beautify some photos of the happy people today and I will upload them as soon as I can! But for now, please have a great week ahead! We know we will!

Happily happy and forever will be,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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