Hello Stranger, Join us!

We are going public! 😀

Click on the link below and fill up a quick simple, fuss-free form with your particulars. All information will be kept totally confidential and will only be shared internally in the team for admin purposes.


Lets finally be friends and do something together for Singapore!

Power to the people!

Team Project Hello Stranger


Hello Stranger! Behind the scenes – High 5s at Raffles Place

So you’ve seen the Raffles Place High 5s video, you’ve seen the response, you’ve seen how happy we were, now lets take a look behind the scenes!

Expect goofy moments from the team and the real reactions of some strangers! This video is really special to us and it brings back memories of those fun moments we had, what else can we say – it is about time we strike again! (It rhymes!)

Gearing up for our next campaign,

Team Project Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger Thanks ST for the Writeup!


Another milestone for Team Project Hello Stranger – Here is a little clipping we had in the Straits Times, 21 April. We had an enjoyable time with a writer and photographer for ST-Causes last Wednesday. Our sincere gratitude to Straits Times for picking up our Project and giving our Team an extra boost with this writeup.

It was an experience for us to enter SPH for the first time, having our photos snapped at the lobby, chilling out at the cafeteria for the interview and then lugging the BIG Hello Stranger sign back home. Our mid-week happiness (last week). 🙂

May the weekend be jam-packed with oozing goodness for all of us!

Team Project Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger, More Thumbs Up for YOU!

Thank you thank you thank you and thank you too! Your support has been so powerful it kicks us off our socks and blows us away like a huge gush of wind.

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey. Thank you for being so open and sharing your feelings with us. Thank you for the emails, the comments, the likes, the tweets, the follows. Thank you for interacting with us and making us feel like we have so many friends out there supporting us! 😀

Following our way of giving appreciation – Project Hello Stranger style- , here’s the 2nd bunch of us (just like a bunch of purple seedless juicy grapes) smiling right back at you with our pearly whites and thumbs straight up. Thank you guys for believing in us and sharing the same vision and hope with the team. Thank you for making this leap of faith.

We promise to bring Project Hello Stranger to greater heights and to reach out to more people. Singapore has its potential to be a friendlier place, we just need to find a way to unleash the goodness! 😀 Just imagine Singapore without strangers. Woah.

Yours with level 100 sincerity,

Team Project Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger Learning about Positive Psychology – Tip No. 1

This is strictly not an advertorial, no one was paid in the process. Last week, a friend’s sister introduced us Positive Psychology and we thought it would be interesting for us to head down to learn more about it. Such a good opportunity for us to learn more about positive emotions so why not? We want to thank Shaen for the enjoyable time and all that she has taught us. We definitely felt more in control of our positive emotions after the session. 😀

Team Project Hello stranger wants to be happy and we want YOU to be happy too! So breaking it up into 3 blog entries, here is the 1st tip we learnt on how to sustain happiness.

Tip No 1. Savour Your Happiness

(If you have chocolate with you right now, go ahead and follow through the following 3 steps like we did in class!)

Usually when something joyful happens, say chomping down chocolate, we tend to be satisfied only at that split second moment when we eat it. Why not make full use of the experience to give you prolonged positive emotions?

Firstly, you got to anticipate. Before rushing to drop that candy into your mouth, slowly tear that wrapper and hear the crisping of the plastic as you scoop the chocolate out of the pocket. Just take a look at it, that brown button of yums. Sniff it, feel the texture at your fingertips, imagine how it would be like eating it, think about the last time you enjoyed a chocolate, will this taste the same? Even better maybe? Let your heart race! Be excited!

Next is simple, enjoy. Pop that sugar into your mouth, swirl it around with your tongue, let it melt slowly, salivate and taste that sweetness on your palate. That unique taste. So so chocolatey. Munch on it and feel that thick rush of molten chocolate sliding down your throat, staining your teeth, leaving that lingering bitter-sweetness at the roof of your mouth. Feels good huh?

Slowly swallow down that chocolate and reminisce. Think about what just happened. That whole prolonged enjoyable process. Do you remember how that piece of chocolate taste like? Did you ever enjoyed chocolate like that before? Dont you want another of those brown melties to soak your tastebuds again? Ahhh. Yummy.

You see prolonging your happiness works. Its more worth it anyway. If you have something to be happy about, let it last longer! Better yet, let it last a lifetime!

If you are going on a holiday soon, plan and anticipate now, then enjoy the vacation (take photos! Lots and lots of photos!), after which, look back at your snapshots and busk in that relaxing mood again!

Our team swears by these 3 steps. Before we have a campaign, we sit down with food to plan, we imagine and have visions in our heads. We get hyped up and look forward for the event to happen quick. Sometimes we get too excited we need to do countdowns. Then when the day finally arrives, we just soak up the happiness around us. No time spent second-guessing ourselves. We enjoy ourselves to the fullest during events. We forget about everything else and stay focused in the positive energy around. Then post event, we will meet up and chat non-stop (non-stop is an understatement) about what just happened. We can talk about it for days, for weeks,… We laugh, and laugh, and laugh somemore.

And so you see, this tip is tested and proven by us and so many people out there so why not give it a shot? Nothing to lose! 🙂 Try it out soon and let us know how it goes!

Savouring the weekend by blogging,

Team Project Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger: Raffles Place High 5s!

As you guys know with our splashes of information on Facebook and Twitter, yes we went to Raffles Place to give our hardworking business suits some love! 🙂

With minds filled with the unread emails waiting in their inboxes and hearts filled with so much dread for the day of work, we were quite worried about how the morning rush will response to our campaign. Trust us, we had to prep talk each other all the time to embrace whatever that may happen, if all else fail, just smile. Adopting the whole “Just Do It” (Mmm, what a familiar quote) attitude, we dressed ourselves up in formal work wear and hit the streets of Raffles Place last Thursday morning!

The crowd was so much faster here! As compared to our Orchard Road saga, this experience is way different. Everyone here had an aim in mind – to reach office in the fastest possible time. Their walking speed is madness. People exiting the MRT station had already activated their work mode, meaning, they were desensitised and like high-efficiency machines. Perfect opportunity for us to strike. Ho ho ho!

Signs – checked. Stickers – checked. Thick skin – checked. Smiles and clean palms – checked checked! Ready to move out! (We forgot to check for unglam sweat patches unfortunately.) And the party begins.

1 High 5, 2 High 5s, 3 High 5s, TOO MANY High 5s! High 5s were given and received so generously. People do love high 5s! When was the last time you got High 5-ed? That short sweet encounter when your palm claps against someone else’s is amazing and so so encouraging. It must have been cause we felt happier and happier as we High 5-ed more and more people. Its like a upward sloping linear graph, if you prefer the mathematical point of view. 🙂

As workaholic as you are or as harsh your workplace may be, inside all you driven working crowd lies a softer, nicer side. One thing’s for sure, we were glad we were able to dig out that beautiful smile of yours. Dont ever lose touch with that friendly side, that side of you that wants to chat up with the stranger beside you, or greet the security guard standing outside your office everyday without fail. Keep the sunny side up!

The day was a real success. We did not count the number of High 5s we gave. We did not set any KPIs. But we all went back, feeling like property agents who sold millions of estates. We had a great time giving, and we hope you had a great time too.

Singapore, work that smile! Work it.

Team Project Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger Video #2:

Hop on our bandwagon of happiness! We believe in the potential of Singaporeans to be nice, lets not let society bubble-wrap us into being hostile to each other.

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Drop us an email: Project.hello.stranger@gmail.com

Don’t stop there! Read on for more updates and grow with us in this mission we have as Team Project Hello Stranger!

Hello Stranger(s), Nice to Meet You!

Somersaulted out of bed and happily, 3 of us set off on a mission to meet up with Strangers – some uber cool amazing people who believe in our cause and want to help us with it. Frankly, we were feeling a wee bit cautious about who we were going to meet and what would result from this day. We are humans after-all! But of course, at the very same time, we opened our hearts for the adventures ahead and hung our hopes up high. Anxious-excited, just like having numerous blind dates in a day – the heart pounding, blood rushing, face blushing adrenaline. My my, it was indeed an experience.

And a really great one. 😀

Wait! Great, is an understatement!

One of cool people we met today was Josiah from While You Were Sleeping. Hop on the wave of the project here:  https://www.facebook.com/wywsleeping This guy is a role model. His humility and openness was so infectious. Having a chat with him over coffee felt like we were friends for years! If you saw his video online and your antennas received the real and sincere vibes from it, you are absolutely right!  He is who he is in the video, except even friendlier! Chatted up a storm of interesting ideas with him and it got us really excited. This short coffee talk was inspirational and no doubt, the best way to end our string of meet ups today.

Team Project Hello Stranger hereby want to give their thank yous to the people whom we met up thus far. We are really glad to be given this golden opportunity to meet like-minded people who so willingly want to be that push and that stepping stone to help us achieve more. We started out wanting to just spark off niceness amongst Singaporeans, with no rewards in mind. But here we are, receiving so much sweet, sweet love and support from the public and from corporations.

We learnt so much that textbooks didn’t and couldn’t teach us. We gained so much exposure in this short span of time. We met so many funky, dare-to-dream people. Thank you for empowering us and giving us courage. For all that we have received, we want to give back 10x more. Fine, 100x! 😀 We have powerhouse campaigns coming up and we are working out ways to better reach out to you. Onward bound!

Like hamsters running crazily in their wheels of happiness,

Team Project Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger! More Good News!

One of our team members spotted this right smacked on the front cover of Tamil Murasu this morning! It got us so excited and chatty we couldnt stop talking about it. We had a hard time figuring out what was written though and our Indian member had to frantically translate the entire thing for us. Sweet.

Here is also a link of 100.3FM joining us in our High 5 campaign yesterday! We were so glad they could participate in the morning rush of happiness with us. Definitely our honour having them around. We hope they had fun, like we did!

The attention we got from the press is something we are very thankful for. The media teams have been so kind and supportive towards our cause. Right from the very bottom of our hearts, Team Project Hello Stranger says “THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!” People writing nice stuff about us made our Friday the 13th so awesome. We dare say this is the best Friday the 13th ever in our entire lives.

With all these happiness and public attention floating around our platforms, we vouch not to be complacent but to put in even more effort in Project Hello Stranger. All the love we got will be converted to positive energy and sky-high motivation to do more to influence Singapore to lighten up and be nicer to each other. We are already in the midst of planning our next move while our creatives are doing their bestest to get the next video out! Look forward to that! 🙂

Today has been stupendous for us and we hope it had been excellent for you too! Weekend’s here, so give yourself a pat on your back! May you get to wake up without an alarm and enjoy the simplest pleasures in life this weekend.

Smiling right from our hearts,

Team Project Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger, We are on STRAITS TIMES!

The Straits Times newspaper, 13th April 2012, Prime News, Page A3

Project Hello Stranger featured in today's Straits Times newspaper

Guess who’s in the newspapers today? We would like to give the Straits Times a big high five for featuring us today in the Prime News section, page A3!

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