Hello Stranger: Happy and I HONK it!

The moment we have all been waiting for – How awesome did Singaporeans react to a movement like that?

Did I say “awesome”? I meant SUPERDUPEROMGAWESOME!! *Splash glitter all over while dancing the hokey-pokey*

It was extremely heartwarming to see how drivers were honking so much at us! Passerbys were going ga-ga too! The amount of love we received was tremedous! Everyone was so receptive over a tiny campaign like that. Strangers even came up to us to take photos! We need to do more of this and I bet you, we will! 😀

The reactions we got just made us so so so touched. People in Singapore do care. They are all secretly hoping for an opportunity to smile, to wave, to befriend a stranger, to be nice. To show their kind, soft side. To express their fun lovable side. Now, this is where we stand. We want to ignite that flame, that friendliness that we know we have in us, its in all of us. Society is making us put up a false stern outlook, dont do it. We all look better happy. We work better happy. We live better happy!

We do not need to push that stranger to board the train in the morning, we do not need to roll our eyes at the stranger who is in our way, we do not need to avoid strangers giving out flyers like plague, we really dont have to be mean to any stranger. We share this island we live in so why not share it with a smile? Why not say hi to the stranger beside you on the bus? Why not strike up a conversation with your neighbour in the lift? Why not greet the hawker who sells you bee hoon every morning? Why not start tomorrow? 🙂

Project Hello Stranger hereby aims to change Singapore’s hostile culture into a more lighthearted, friendlier one. We aim to promote warmth among the strangers we meet every single day. People said it will be tough, but we believe that if we do not do anything, nothing will happen. We believe in our cause, and we hope you join us too!

Like our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ProjectHelloStranger

Tweet to us at: @hellostranger12 or #projecthellostranger

Subscribe to our youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/ProjectHelloStranger

Email to us at: Project.hello.stranger@gmail.com

If you have any suggestions, questions, or if you are interested to know more, just HOLLER! You know where you can find us. 🙂

Little happy minions trying to change Singapore’s culture a bit at a time,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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