Hello Stranger: The Preparation

Before having a performance before a live audience, tonnes of preparation and hardwork have to be done. Here are some photos of the busy morning preparation. Had to snip out huge letters, align them nicely then stick them up on yellow boards. I must say these hot hunky guys were really serious when it came to sticking the boards. They seem to have this strange fear of using the glue, it even went down to counting down before each time they stuck on something. “1, 2, 3, STICK!”

Looking at the photos, the guys actually look like they enjoy handicraft alot. Mmm, just saying. Ha.

Thank goodness we decided to have rehearsals. We didnt expect how tough it would be coordinating our actions. Everyone was just bursting with overwhelming enthusiasm. Just imagine 11 birds chirping frantically when mother bird returns with a worm. Yes to that image you have in your head. We had so many crazy ideas- from dancing with the boards, to having some sort of high level formation, to having sexy game-show poses. Too much man. Too much. But after all those ideas, we managed to settle on simplicity in order not to distract the drivers too much. 🙂

So thats for our 1st happening Sunday. This Sunday, (oh its today!) something’s gonna happen again. We want to bring cheer to your life before you embark on the first week of April. In case you didnt realise, YES ITS APRIL ALREADY! April is going to be a month filled with happiness!

Now all you got to do is stay tune, grab some popcorn, get some internet connection, if you can, gather some friends and we will see you again at 5pm!

Acting like we are so calm but we are actually going bonkers in excitement,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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