Hello Stranger! How are you?


How have you been this week? Been busy studying? Working? Bumming? Sneaking off for a short vacation? Whatever it was, we hope you have enjoyed this well-deserved long weekend. And of course, we hope you have been nice and you have received some kindness this week!

Team Project Hello Stranger managed to squeeze some time out of our robotic lives (yes, our alter-egos are kinda boring) to have a dinner meeting on Tuesday. Nothing beats having meetings with these happy folks. Honestly, we are a little like hardcore addicts and hippies who wanna change the world. 🙂

So here’s a small bunch of us doing some strategic planning together. I love how that sounds, beats calling it admin work. We are so glad we are progressing. Since you guys have showed us so much love, let us confess, we are currently looking for sponsors for our big BIG plans ahead. Reality is harsh and funds are still needed to host big events. We do not want money to deter kindness and happiness so if you have a little stash of cash to spare, please do contact us. Your kindness will definitely be repaid. We can sing and dance to any tune for you. We can help you walk your dog. We can vacuum your office’s carpet. You name it. (Terms and conditions apply.)

And of course, the best return of it all – Singapore will appreciate your kindness.

Help us will you?

Yours with mountain-high sincerity,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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