Hello Stranger! Did you smile with us today?


Check out the grizzly bear of our team and his absolute-win fist pump! 🙂 Oh and that million dollar smile!

Even though many of us slept pretty late preparing for the event and finishing up work to get some time off today, we still managed to jump out of our beds and arrive on time at Raffles Place MRT Station at 7am. As Singaporean as we are, we were kiasu (Singlish for ‘Afraid to lose’) and had briefing after briefing to make sure we are all ready and covered. 8am was what we were all anticipating and we wanted everything to go smoothly.

With our hearts pumping and our palms sweaty, we had to make it work. We wanted to give smiles to the busy working adults at the Central Business District but will they accept them? Did many of them respond? Did we face any rejection? Was waking up so early, spending all the time and effort preparing worth-while?

We would really love to tell you but for suspense sake, *grins*, stay tightly with us while we keep our online spaces updated. Be excited for our 2nd video launch, coming to your youtube screens pretty soon!

May we all sleep smiling tonight,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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