Hello Stranger! More Good News!

One of our team members spotted this right smacked on the front cover of Tamil Murasu this morning! It got us so excited and chatty we couldnt stop talking about it. We had a hard time figuring out what was written though and our Indian member had to frantically translate the entire thing for us. Sweet.

Here is also a link of 100.3FM joining us in our High 5 campaign yesterday! We were so glad they could participate in the morning rush of happiness with us. Definitely our honour having them around. We hope they had fun, like we did!

The attention we got from the press is something we are very thankful for. The media teams have been so kind and supportive towards our cause. Right from the very bottom of our hearts, Team Project Hello Stranger says “THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!” People writing nice stuff about us made our Friday the 13th so awesome. We dare say this is the best Friday the 13th ever in our entire lives.

With all these happiness and public attention floating around our platforms, we vouch not to be complacent but to put in even more effort in Project Hello Stranger. All the love we got will be converted to positive energy and sky-high motivation to do more to influence Singapore to lighten up and be nicer to each other. We are already in the midst of planning our next move while our creatives are doing their bestest to get the next video out! Look forward to that! 🙂

Today has been stupendous for us and we hope it had been excellent for you too! Weekend’s here, so give yourself a pat on your back! May you get to wake up without an alarm and enjoy the simplest pleasures in life this weekend.

Smiling right from our hearts,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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