Hello Stranger(s), Nice to Meet You!

Somersaulted out of bed and happily, 3 of us set off on a mission to meet up with Strangers – some uber cool amazing people who believe in our cause and want to help us with it. Frankly, we were feeling a wee bit cautious about who we were going to meet and what would result from this day. We are humans after-all! But of course, at the very same time, we opened our hearts for the adventures ahead and hung our hopes up high. Anxious-excited, just like having numerous blind dates in a day – the heart pounding, blood rushing, face blushing adrenaline. My my, it was indeed an experience.

And a really great one. 😀

Wait! Great, is an understatement!

One of cool people we met today was Josiah from While You Were Sleeping. Hop on the wave of the project here:  https://www.facebook.com/wywsleeping This guy is a role model. His humility and openness was so infectious. Having a chat with him over coffee felt like we were friends for years! If you saw his video online and your antennas received the real and sincere vibes from it, you are absolutely right!  He is who he is in the video, except even friendlier! Chatted up a storm of interesting ideas with him and it got us really excited. This short coffee talk was inspirational and no doubt, the best way to end our string of meet ups today.

Team Project Hello Stranger hereby want to give their thank yous to the people whom we met up thus far. We are really glad to be given this golden opportunity to meet like-minded people who so willingly want to be that push and that stepping stone to help us achieve more. We started out wanting to just spark off niceness amongst Singaporeans, with no rewards in mind. But here we are, receiving so much sweet, sweet love and support from the public and from corporations.

We learnt so much that textbooks didn’t and couldn’t teach us. We gained so much exposure in this short span of time. We met so many funky, dare-to-dream people. Thank you for empowering us and giving us courage. For all that we have received, we want to give back 10x more. Fine, 100x! 😀 We have powerhouse campaigns coming up and we are working out ways to better reach out to you. Onward bound!

Like hamsters running crazily in their wheels of happiness,

Team Project Hello Stranger


4 thoughts on “Hello Stranger(s), Nice to Meet You!

    • Hey Ling Yan! One of the girls in the “I Still Have a Dream” video is in Team Project Hello Stranger too! Its a really inspiring video that keeps us focused on our dreams with Hello Stranger too! 🙂 And lucky you to be blessed with WYWS, we always wanted to receive those cards ourselves when we were mugging in school. :p

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