Hello Stranger Learning about Positive Psychology – Tip No. 1

This is strictly not an advertorial, no one was paid in the process. Last week, a friend’s sister introduced us Positive Psychology and we thought it would be interesting for us to head down to learn more about it. Such a good opportunity for us to learn more about positive emotions so why not? We want to thank Shaen for the enjoyable time and all that she has taught us. We definitely felt more in control of our positive emotions after the session. 😀

Team Project Hello stranger wants to be happy and we want YOU to be happy too! So breaking it up into 3 blog entries, here is the 1st tip we learnt on how to sustain happiness.

Tip No 1. Savour Your Happiness

(If you have chocolate with you right now, go ahead and follow through the following 3 steps like we did in class!)

Usually when something joyful happens, say chomping down chocolate, we tend to be satisfied only at that split second moment when we eat it. Why not make full use of the experience to give you prolonged positive emotions?

Firstly, you got to anticipate. Before rushing to drop that candy into your mouth, slowly tear that wrapper and hear the crisping of the plastic as you scoop the chocolate out of the pocket. Just take a look at it, that brown button of yums. Sniff it, feel the texture at your fingertips, imagine how it would be like eating it, think about the last time you enjoyed a chocolate, will this taste the same? Even better maybe? Let your heart race! Be excited!

Next is simple, enjoy. Pop that sugar into your mouth, swirl it around with your tongue, let it melt slowly, salivate and taste that sweetness on your palate. That unique taste. So so chocolatey. Munch on it and feel that thick rush of molten chocolate sliding down your throat, staining your teeth, leaving that lingering bitter-sweetness at the roof of your mouth. Feels good huh?

Slowly swallow down that chocolate and reminisce. Think about what just happened. That whole prolonged enjoyable process. Do you remember how that piece of chocolate taste like? Did you ever enjoyed chocolate like that before? Dont you want another of those brown melties to soak your tastebuds again? Ahhh. Yummy.

You see prolonging your happiness works. Its more worth it anyway. If you have something to be happy about, let it last longer! Better yet, let it last a lifetime!

If you are going on a holiday soon, plan and anticipate now, then enjoy the vacation (take photos! Lots and lots of photos!), after which, look back at your snapshots and busk in that relaxing mood again!

Our team swears by these 3 steps. Before we have a campaign, we sit down with food to plan, we imagine and have visions in our heads. We get hyped up and look forward for the event to happen quick. Sometimes we get too excited we need to do countdowns. Then when the day finally arrives, we just soak up the happiness around us. No time spent second-guessing ourselves. We enjoy ourselves to the fullest during events. We forget about everything else and stay focused in the positive energy around. Then post event, we will meet up and chat non-stop (non-stop is an understatement) about what just happened. We can talk about it for days, for weeks,… We laugh, and laugh, and laugh somemore.

And so you see, this tip is tested and proven by us and so many people out there so why not give it a shot? Nothing to lose! 🙂 Try it out soon and let us know how it goes!

Savouring the weekend by blogging,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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