Hello Stranger: Raffles Place High 5s!

As you guys know with our splashes of information on Facebook and Twitter, yes we went to Raffles Place to give our hardworking business suits some love! 🙂

With minds filled with the unread emails waiting in their inboxes and hearts filled with so much dread for the day of work, we were quite worried about how the morning rush will response to our campaign. Trust us, we had to prep talk each other all the time to embrace whatever that may happen, if all else fail, just smile. Adopting the whole “Just Do It” (Mmm, what a familiar quote) attitude, we dressed ourselves up in formal work wear and hit the streets of Raffles Place last Thursday morning!

The crowd was so much faster here! As compared to our Orchard Road saga, this experience is way different. Everyone here had an aim in mind – to reach office in the fastest possible time. Their walking speed is madness. People exiting the MRT station had already activated their work mode, meaning, they were desensitised and like high-efficiency machines. Perfect opportunity for us to strike. Ho ho ho!

Signs – checked. Stickers – checked. Thick skin – checked. Smiles and clean palms – checked checked! Ready to move out! (We forgot to check for unglam sweat patches unfortunately.) And the party begins.

1 High 5, 2 High 5s, 3 High 5s, TOO MANY High 5s! High 5s were given and received so generously. People do love high 5s! When was the last time you got High 5-ed? That short sweet encounter when your palm claps against someone else’s is amazing and so so encouraging. It must have been cause we felt happier and happier as we High 5-ed more and more people. Its like a upward sloping linear graph, if you prefer the mathematical point of view. 🙂

As workaholic as you are or as harsh your workplace may be, inside all you driven working crowd lies a softer, nicer side. One thing’s for sure, we were glad we were able to dig out that beautiful smile of yours. Dont ever lose touch with that friendly side, that side of you that wants to chat up with the stranger beside you, or greet the security guard standing outside your office everyday without fail. Keep the sunny side up!

The day was a real success. We did not count the number of High 5s we gave. We did not set any KPIs. But we all went back, feeling like property agents who sold millions of estates. We had a great time giving, and we hope you had a great time too.

Singapore, work that smile! Work it.

Team Project Hello Stranger


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