We hope you wanna meet us too! 🙂

Free this coming Friday, 1 June from 7-10pm? Give us a chance to be friends with you!! Join us in this night of bonding-info session, we promise you its gonna be alot of fun! Expect groovy games, lots of camwhoring, nice comfortable chats with the team, exclusive information on our June event, and we are planning to have a mini campaign during the session as well!

Dont worry, we may be crazy, but we are normal shy human beings too. Its definitely time we all step out of our tiny comfort zones to  meet new people!! 😀 Never know what magic the meeting of strangers can bring!

Event: HeyHiHello Stranger

Time: 7-10pm

Venue: Tentative (we will email you once you’ve signed up!)


Bring your parents, your siblings, your partner(s), your bffs, your enemies, whoever! Lets all get together!

You are also encouraged to bring a bag of chips- any type will do! Dont we all love some junk food? Heh.


To signup, please email to project.hello.stranger@gmail.com with the following details and the subject head “HeyHiHello Stranger“!

Mobile Number:
Email Address:
NRIC Number:

Dont splash cold water on our hearts of diehard enthusiasm!! Sign up asap!! 😀

Waiting for YOU,

Team Project Hello Stranger


Hello Stranger at Cold Storage Kids Run 2012

Kids. Kids. Kids and MORE Kids. Now, how can Project Hello Stranger miss out on this opportunity to cheer them on? Before we blabber on about the amazing experience we had, we wanna thank the organisers for the Cold Storage Run for bestowing us this chance to be there for the kids and their families! THANK YOU SO MUCH. It is definitely a joy watching kids encouraging each other to run, watching parents completing races with their kids and definitely an inspiration to watch Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore end of the whole race with their determination and fighter spirit. It is our honour to be there!

This time round, we had to wake up really early again! Ha. We somehow can never shake this off. We got up as early as 4ish in the morning and headed to the Padang. Attire for the event: official tee, berms and sport shoes. Sport shoes. Its been quite a while for some unhealthy members since we wore sport shoes. Nevertheless, its always nice to don on some sporty gear for a change!

Posters, PomPoms, Shakers, Cheer on!

Heres the game plan: our team stands alongside the track, screaming cheers and flagging our signature yellow posters. We were so glad we were allowed to run with the racers on the track as well! Nothing beats personal interaction for us!

Honestly, we thought, “Yeah! How fun is this, cheering kids and ogling at how cute they are!” BUT NO. This is probably by far the most tiring activity we have done. After the 1st race of cheering to our utmost ability, most of us had lost our voices and cheering went out of tune. Hilarious. We were perspiring profusely and our tees were soaked by the first half hour. Go check out photos of our sweaty wet hair on Facebook too! Of course we had to press on, especially when you see how these kids put in their best to the race, we just couldnt stop cheering. We felt really encouraged to see parents showing us their thumbs up, kids giving us high 5s, runners sprinting after hearing our cheers, families giggling when they saw how crazy we were. We got our energy from the crowd! Thank you so much for letting us know you enjoyed our presence, it means the world to us to know that what we are doing have been well-received!

It is really a heartwarming experience for us. Many of us actually felt that this event was so awesome for family bonding time! We do hope that more families can join such events and have more parent-child time. How often do you see kids holding their parents’ hands and completing a task together? And through an event like that, it reinforces how powerful the love of parents can be. You see parents carrying their kids during the race no matter how tough it was, you see parents worrying for the kids when they got tired, you see parents so proud of their kids, filming down the whole run. That whole atmosphere of love was truly inspiring. 🙂

Say Hi to us on https://www.facebook.com/ProjectHelloStranger if you were there at the race too!

Still feeling the after-effects of happiness from the race,

Team Project Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger Video #3:

Hello Stranger Video #3:

Project Hello Stranger sings in the Heartlands

Labour day and Toa Payoh Central will have very different meanings to everyone who is part of Project Hello Stranger. On 1st May 2012, our lives were touched by many of the aunties and uncles who lived there. This would not have been possible without your suggestions. You guys wanted us to head for the heartlands so we thought, why not!

With mother’s day just round the corner, we felt that this will be a great way to show appreciation to all the parents out there for the sacrifices they have made. And what better gift than our very own voices. With two guitars, two song-lists, a tambourine and many “songbirds”, we started our melodious journey through durian stalls, kopitiams, ice-cream bicycles and more.

Frankly speaking, we were a little scared initially. We were unsure whether the ahgongs and ahmas will start running away from our beautiful voices or how exactly were we going to go about doing it. It was then when we stopped ourselves in our tracks and thought: What’s the worst that could happen? And then we asked ourselves again: Will this bring a smile to at least one person’s face? With our answer to the latter question being a resounding YES, we got our act together!

For many of us, this third episode meant the most. We all started Project Hello Stranger with a very small wish, just like the words taken out of context, from the song “Try” in Peter Pan- faith, and trust, and pixie dust. This project grew into something much bigger than we could have ever imagined and in many ways, we are proud and thankful.

As you would have seen in our video, many whom we approached had reservations. Some of them wondered if we were part of an organization or whether they were going to be charged for such a service. Many of them couldn’t understand why a bunch of teenagers/adults have “nothing better to do” on a public holiday and some were confused about why we were doing this. Sometimes, we ourselves were also stumbled by their questions, “No reason, we just wanted to be there”! At this point in time, I would love to emphasise that Project Hello Stranger is made up of a bunch of friends from different walks of life- some studying, some working and even some are serving the army!

All of these people whom we sang to were at least twice, if not three times, our age. The wrinkles on their faces represent the life experiences they have. Sometimes, we wonder what lies behind those smiles. Along with the thank yous, many of them started sharing with us about their struggles. We may not understand the burdens they carry but the least we could do is to sing them a song from our hearts, with no strings attached.

Lastly, Project Hello Stranger would like to dedicate this video to a new friend we met and sang with on Labour’s day. Thank you for showing us what it means to be brave in caring and courageous in loving. You are our role model!

So here’s the video, ENJOY!

Hello Stranger! Get to know us!

Some Sundays back, Project Hello Stranger gathered at one of our cribs to have a mini gathering, mini retreat, mini meeting, mini photo shoot, mini filming and adding all of that, it became a 6 hour long session! Time really flies when we are goofing around. 🙂

We started out having a huge updating session. We poured out all that we have been through these few weeks – sharing about the amazing people we met, the potential partners, the cute incidents of kind people coming up to tell us they enjoyed our project very much. It was extremely heartwarming and it lifted up our spirits. We also proceeded to brainstorm for upcoming campaigns. This never fail to get us all chatty and (horribly) noisy. Ha.

After all that serious business, we couldn’t take it anymore and out came the guitar. All those groovy boy band tunes started us singing tune after tune while we camwhored with our self-made studio. For all those who are unfamiliar with photography, what do you think completes a studio? Exactly. In our heads was just “bright white light” and “a camera”. Bham! We had a studio. 😉

Dinner was then served! We couldn’t be any happier to end the day with loads of pizza. Big thank you to the Su parents!  We gorged ourselves crazy while continuing with the filming of our team video. Now, we may seem whacky and fearless but when it comes to filming, we are highly awkward. We get tongue-tied and like how we used to write in our essays “beads of perspiration trickled down our foreheads”. No kidding. We took until Christmas to get the filming done. Poor videographers of our group, they had to patiently coax us and calm us down before each take.

So wanna know how our photo shoot turn out? Wanna know what are we going to share in our team video?

Wanna know us?

Keep your eyes glued on https://www.facebook.com/ProjectHelloStranger! A little blue bird told us photos will be uploaded this weekend on our page.

Decked out in colours of the rainbow,

Team Project Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger went straight to the heart(lands)!

Many of you guys asked if we could head down to the heartlands to bring cheer to the neighborhood. We thought about it, discussed with the team and you know what, you are right! We strongly agree that we should promote interaction and happiness at the root of Singapore. And that’s nowhere else but the warm and cosy heartlands.

Heartlands –  A place where we can wear T shirts with frilling collars, and berms with fading colours. Where slippers rock the footwear trend and where our hairs look best messy. Where you get to see fruit stall uncles shouting while packing durians and coffeeshop aunties yelling (almost melodiously) the orders back to their drinks HQ. Where you see kids running around freely playing block catching and elderly sitting around, chilling and playing chess with their khakis. Definitely a place where most Singaporeans call home.

We decided on Toa Payoh Central as our target and with a little bit of practice (we treat this so seriously we had a jam session on a weekend), we executed our game plan.

Enjoy some little sneaks before we launch our video and have fun imagining what we did for this campaign! If you wish, you can go ahead and try imagining our voices too! How do you think we will sound? :p

At least we didn’t dance,

Team Project Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger Learning about Positive Psychology – Tip No 2

How has your week been? Have you been savoring your happiness?

We did! Not only for the joy we felt with Project Hello Stranger but also with the little bits of merriment we felt in our day-to-day lives.

Some of us are on vacation, some mugging hard for exams, some starting on new jobs, some going for interviews, some training to protect the country. But wherever we are and whatever we do, we should always have our positive caps on and not forget to give thanks for the tiny blessings we have everyday!

Today lets try Positive Psychology Tip No 2. Counting your blessings can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Jot down 3 blessings each day – in your notebook, on your mobile devices, anywhere! Remember, no blessing is ever too small. Sometimes, the smallest things matter the most! After listing them down, think about how that blessing came about. What caused you to be blessed by that matter? Cause and Effect, ya know?

Come, for easier illustration, here are my 3 blessings today together with its explanations:

1. I had yummy Thai food for lunch today. For that, I must thank my colleague for recommending that place to me and also asking me out for lunch.

2. I heard that Project Hello Stranger has been featured at  I-S: Escape to Hong Kong. Really unexpected and I have to thank my colleague for taking note and sharing it with me despite how busy she is.

3. I will be meeting Josiah from WYWS for dinner with 2 other Project Hello Stranger peeps. Thanks to Josiah who is so enthusiastic and generous about sharing new ideas.

See! Easy peasy teasy weasy.  Give it a shot. 3 blessings a day, keeps the frowns away! You may end up finding out that there has been a few angels in your life who have been giving you all the love but you have not thanked them. At the end of the month, look back, reminisce and it will definitely make you a happier person.

Happy people make happy friends make the world happy.

Team Project Hello Stranger

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