Hello Stranger Learning about Positive Psychology – Tip No 2

How has your week been? Have you been savoring your happiness?

We did! Not only for the joy we felt with Project Hello Stranger but also with the little bits of merriment we felt in our day-to-day lives.

Some of us are on vacation, some mugging hard for exams, some starting on new jobs, some going for interviews, some training to protect the country. But wherever we are and whatever we do, we should always have our positive caps on and not forget to give thanks for the tiny blessings we have everyday!

Today lets try Positive Psychology Tip No 2. Counting your blessings can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Jot down 3 blessings each day – in your notebook, on your mobile devices, anywhere! Remember, no blessing is ever too small. Sometimes, the smallest things matter the most! After listing them down, think about how that blessing came about. What caused you to be blessed by that matter? Cause and Effect, ya know?

Come, for easier illustration, here are my 3 blessings today together with its explanations:

1. I had yummy Thai food for lunch today. For that, I must thank my colleague for recommending that place to me and also asking me out for lunch.

2. I heard that Project Hello Stranger has been featured at  I-S: Escape to Hong Kong. Really unexpected and I have to thank my colleague for taking note and sharing it with me despite how busy she is.

3. I will be meeting Josiah from WYWS for dinner with 2 other Project Hello Stranger peeps. Thanks to Josiah who is so enthusiastic and generous about sharing new ideas.

See! Easy peasy teasy weasy.  Give it a shot. 3 blessings a day, keeps the frowns away! You may end up finding out that there has been a few angels in your life who have been giving you all the love but you have not thanked them. At the end of the month, look back, reminisce and it will definitely make you a happier person.

Happy people make happy friends make the world happy.

Team Project Hello Stranger


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