Hello Stranger went straight to the heart(lands)!

Many of you guys asked if we could head down to the heartlands to bring cheer to the neighborhood. We thought about it, discussed with the team and you know what, you are right! We strongly agree that we should promote interaction and happiness at the root of Singapore. And that’s nowhere else but the warm and cosy heartlands.

Heartlands –  A place where we can wear T shirts with frilling collars, and berms with fading colours. Where slippers rock the footwear trend and where our hairs look best messy. Where you get to see fruit stall uncles shouting while packing durians and coffeeshop aunties yelling (almost melodiously) the orders back to their drinks HQ. Where you see kids running around freely playing block catching and elderly sitting around, chilling and playing chess with their khakis. Definitely a place where most Singaporeans call home.

We decided on Toa Payoh Central as our target and with a little bit of practice (we treat this so seriously we had a jam session on a weekend), we executed our game plan.

Enjoy some little sneaks before we launch our video and have fun imagining what we did for this campaign! If you wish, you can go ahead and try imagining our voices too! How do you think we will sound? :p

At least we didn’t dance,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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