Hello Stranger! Get to know us!

Some Sundays back, Project Hello Stranger gathered at one of our cribs to have a mini gathering, mini retreat, mini meeting, mini photo shoot, mini filming and adding all of that, it became a 6 hour long session! Time really flies when we are goofing around. 🙂

We started out having a huge updating session. We poured out all that we have been through these few weeks – sharing about the amazing people we met, the potential partners, the cute incidents of kind people coming up to tell us they enjoyed our project very much. It was extremely heartwarming and it lifted up our spirits. We also proceeded to brainstorm for upcoming campaigns. This never fail to get us all chatty and (horribly) noisy. Ha.

After all that serious business, we couldn’t take it anymore and out came the guitar. All those groovy boy band tunes started us singing tune after tune while we camwhored with our self-made studio. For all those who are unfamiliar with photography, what do you think completes a studio? Exactly. In our heads was just “bright white light” and “a camera”. Bham! We had a studio. 😉

Dinner was then served! We couldn’t be any happier to end the day with loads of pizza. Big thank you to the Su parents!  We gorged ourselves crazy while continuing with the filming of our team video. Now, we may seem whacky and fearless but when it comes to filming, we are highly awkward. We get tongue-tied and like how we used to write in our essays “beads of perspiration trickled down our foreheads”. No kidding. We took until Christmas to get the filming done. Poor videographers of our group, they had to patiently coax us and calm us down before each take.

So wanna know how our photo shoot turn out? Wanna know what are we going to share in our team video?

Wanna know us?

Keep your eyes glued on https://www.facebook.com/ProjectHelloStranger! A little blue bird told us photos will be uploaded this weekend on our page.

Decked out in colours of the rainbow,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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