Hello Stranger Video #3:

Hello Stranger Video #3:

Project Hello Stranger sings in the Heartlands

Labour day and Toa Payoh Central will have very different meanings to everyone who is part of Project Hello Stranger. On 1st May 2012, our lives were touched by many of the aunties and uncles who lived there. This would not have been possible without your suggestions. You guys wanted us to head for the heartlands so we thought, why not!

With mother’s day just round the corner, we felt that this will be a great way to show appreciation to all the parents out there for the sacrifices they have made. And what better gift than our very own voices. With two guitars, two song-lists, a tambourine and many “songbirds”, we started our melodious journey through durian stalls, kopitiams, ice-cream bicycles and more.

Frankly speaking, we were a little scared initially. We were unsure whether the ahgongs and ahmas will start running away from our beautiful voices or how exactly were we going to go about doing it. It was then when we stopped ourselves in our tracks and thought: What’s the worst that could happen? And then we asked ourselves again: Will this bring a smile to at least one person’s face? With our answer to the latter question being a resounding YES, we got our act together!

For many of us, this third episode meant the most. We all started Project Hello Stranger with a very small wish, just like the words taken out of context, from the song “Try” in Peter Pan- faith, and trust, and pixie dust. This project grew into something much bigger than we could have ever imagined and in many ways, we are proud and thankful.

As you would have seen in our video, many whom we approached had reservations. Some of them wondered if we were part of an organization or whether they were going to be charged for such a service. Many of them couldn’t understand why a bunch of teenagers/adults have “nothing better to do” on a public holiday and some were confused about why we were doing this. Sometimes, we ourselves were also stumbled by their questions, “No reason, we just wanted to be there”! At this point in time, I would love to emphasise that Project Hello Stranger is made up of a bunch of friends from different walks of life- some studying, some working and even some are serving the army!

All of these people whom we sang to were at least twice, if not three times, our age. The wrinkles on their faces represent the life experiences they have. Sometimes, we wonder what lies behind those smiles. Along with the thank yous, many of them started sharing with us about their struggles. We may not understand the burdens they carry but the least we could do is to sing them a song from our hearts, with no strings attached.

Lastly, Project Hello Stranger would like to dedicate this video to a new friend we met and sang with on Labour’s day. Thank you for showing us what it means to be brave in caring and courageous in loving. You are our role model!

So here’s the video, ENJOY!


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