Hello Stranger at Cold Storage Kids Run 2012

Kids. Kids. Kids and MORE Kids. Now, how can Project Hello Stranger miss out on this opportunity to cheer them on? Before we blabber on about the amazing experience we had, we wanna thank the organisers for the Cold Storage Run for bestowing us this chance to be there for the kids and their families! THANK YOU SO MUCH. It is definitely a joy watching kids encouraging each other to run, watching parents completing races with their kids and definitely an inspiration to watch Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore end of the whole race with their determination and fighter spirit. It is our honour to be there!

This time round, we had to wake up really early again! Ha. We somehow can never shake this off. We got up as early as 4ish in the morning and headed to the Padang. Attire for the event: official tee, berms and sport shoes. Sport shoes. Its been quite a while for some unhealthy members since we wore sport shoes. Nevertheless, its always nice to don on some sporty gear for a change!

Posters, PomPoms, Shakers, Cheer on!

Heres the game plan: our team stands alongside the track, screaming cheers and flagging our signature yellow posters. We were so glad we were allowed to run with the racers on the track as well! Nothing beats personal interaction for us!

Honestly, we thought, “Yeah! How fun is this, cheering kids and ogling at how cute they are!” BUT NO. This is probably by far the most tiring activity we have done. After the 1st race of cheering to our utmost ability, most of us had lost our voices and cheering went out of tune. Hilarious. We were perspiring profusely and our tees were soaked by the first half hour. Go check out photos of our sweaty wet hair on Facebook too! Of course we had to press on, especially when you see how these kids put in their best to the race, we just couldnt stop cheering. We felt really encouraged to see parents showing us their thumbs up, kids giving us high 5s, runners sprinting after hearing our cheers, families giggling when they saw how crazy we were. We got our energy from the crowd! Thank you so much for letting us know you enjoyed our presence, it means the world to us to know that what we are doing have been well-received!

It is really a heartwarming experience for us. Many of us actually felt that this event was so awesome for family bonding time! We do hope that more families can join such events and have more parent-child time. How often do you see kids holding their parents’ hands and completing a task together? And through an event like that, it reinforces how powerful the love of parents can be. You see parents carrying their kids during the race no matter how tough it was, you see parents worrying for the kids when they got tired, you see parents so proud of their kids, filming down the whole run. That whole atmosphere of love was truly inspiring. 🙂

Say Hi to us on https://www.facebook.com/ProjectHelloStranger if you were there at the race too!

Still feeling the after-effects of happiness from the race,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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