Hello Strangers, Jitters Jitters Excitement

Say what! 1.5 hours more to a celebration!

We are human beings too and we get nervous as well. Butterflies in our rumbling tummies. Are our tummies rumbling because its going to be dinner time or is it cause of the dreadful nerves? Who are we going to meet? Will you guys find us weird? What should we say? Will plans go smoothly? Please oh please, say you like us and you believe in our cause.

So if you are nervous, lets talk about it later. Maybe we can calm each other down. šŸ™‚

That aside, we are really enthused about sharing about us and learning about you. We always believe magic happens when strangers meet. Lets all look forward to that spark, that new friendship that awaits tonight. Quoting American band, Fun, “Tonight, we are young. So lets set the world on fire, we can go brighter than the Sun.”

See you there in a bit.


Team Project Hello Stranger


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