Hello Stranger had a blast at HeyHiHello Strangers!

Never in our wildest imagination did we think we can end up here one day. 60+ sign ups from people who believe in our cause, who see the power of the community, who know that they can make a difference in Singapore’s culture, who want to be that change. We really wanna thank all of you who took that dive down the bottomless valley to join us, we sincerely hope you guys had fun and feel empowered as an individual. We really can be that change that we want to see in our society!

Now that you guys are like ambassadors for Project Hello Stranger. We hope you grab hold of the project like your baby. Smile with us when it progresses and frown with us when things happen and most importantly, share with your friends what we all envision Singapore to be. That happy little island where hellos are exchanged so commonly.

So yes!! We had so much fun on Friday! We had so much fun that alot of us couldnt fall asleep when we got home, the heart was still thumping with so much enthusiasm. It all started from the moment people started streaming into NVPC, alot of us got extremely anxious and awkward. We had to really push ourselves to start interacting with strangers and helping everyone feel comfortable. It was really amazing how gradually, people starting opening up and when you guys started laughing genuinely, it made us feel so encouraged, especially at the end of the day when we started sharing chips and drinks, it became so clear that we are starting to become friends!

Now how cool is that. 😀 WE SAY ITS WAY TOO COOL AND OUT OF THIS WORLD!! *Throws yellow balloons in the air*

Age didnt matter. Backgrounds didnt matter. Even names didnt matter. Ha! We huddled and took that family portrait. Now for those who came, did you imagine you will randomly be a part of a gathering where you dont know majority of the people but ended up playing catching or giving high 5s or sharing chips with? Sweet.

Thank you for trusting us and believing we are not a scam. Thank you for spending a good few hours of your Friday night with us (we know how precious Friday nights are!) Thank you for bringing those chips, chewy juniors, sparkling wine, popcorn, kuay, etc to share. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and entering this zone of uncertainty with us. Thank you for nodding and smiling when we were sharing about the project. Thank you for dropping us sweet notes during and after the event. Thank you for laughing right from your heart. Thank you.

For those who wanted to join us on Friday but couldnt, no worries! We still have you in mind and we still welcome you with open arms to be a part of us. 🙂 And if you dropped by but felt that this is probably not what you believe in, nah, dont worry about it! We hope you had some good old school fun too!

And now, we got to rock and roll!! Time to take Project Hello Stranger into our bare hands and let it level up! Lets infect this red dot with openness! 🙂

Recharged with 100% battery life and ready to paint the town yellow,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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