Hello Strangers, Step Right Up!

This will be our maiden voyage.

And we want you to be with us!

Date: 23 June 2012

Time: 2-8pm

Place: The hippest place in Singapore, Orchard Road 

On the day of the event, ambassadors of Project Hello Stranger will give out lots and lots of brightly coloured balloons with a simple instruction saying “Make a friend today, Pass this on to a stranger!” One stranger gets a balloon and then pass it on to another stranger and another and another! Its almost like that childhood birthday party game of Pass the Parcel, only this time round, there will not be a stop to the music, there will not be any sabotages, it is all going to be friendly and real.

Besides that, sashaying up and down the Orchard runway will be more ambassadors holding up “Hello Stranger!” signs, smiling and bringing cheer to every shopper they see. Hello Stranger cards will be given out, the public’s curiosity will be fed, they will know what exactly is going on.

You will see balloons passing on from stranger to stranger, you will see smiles, you will see new friendships formed, you will see the difference you can make.

We are looking into sparking off the change in Singapore. We want Hello Stranger to be a new culture, to be a reminder to all Singaporeans that its time we all shed that cold front and break into genuine kind gestures. Lets be who we really are inside- warm, fuzzy and eager to befriend a stranger. 🙂

Click this link below to find out how can you help on 23 June: https://www.facebook.com/events/305324249560411/

Spend that special Saturday with us making a difference we want to see in our community! 🙂 It may not be easy planning something so huge, but Team Project Hello Stranger will hang in there and plan the event to its bestest of our abilities!

Working hard like ants and bees and cockroaches (they never die!),

Team Project Hello Stranger


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