Hello Stranger, Thanks for the meet ups!

Trust us when we say this, we never knew there will be so many strangers out there in full support of our cause. In our tiniest minds, we never expected people coming up to us, sharing ideas and brainstorming magic with us. We are truly truly grateful for the opportunities bestowed upon us.

Meet up with Choa Chu Kang ITE students:

These students were crazy enthu. Ha. We love it like that. They were so filled with energy despite being in school till so late (our bad, one of us had to do a little overtime at work). They have big plans and were keen on exploring ideas with us. We got so much to learn from them. Their unity, their curiosity, their keenness to impact their schoolmates’ lives! How many of us really cared to make a difference in our schools. Lots to learn from them!

Meet up with Yu Huan from Social Innovation Park:

This lady here is an inspiration. Firstly, she walked to her meetings all around town under the hot sun. Ha! We learnt alot more about Social Innovation Park (http://www.socialinnovationpark.org/) from her and its awesome knowing the cool stuff they do. Go read up about them!

Hello Stranger has really taught us so much. Taught us to be unselfish. Taught us that through sharing, alot more can be achieved.

Meet ups always welcomed- we LOVE coffee chats,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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