Hello Strangers, Its Always Good to Dream

Happy happy Monday!

Here’s a video of what fellow Singaporeans and Team Project Hello Stranger dream of our little red dot. We dream big for our country and we know it is definitely possible. Do you have dreams for Singapore too? Something less materialistic and economical, something less tangible and financially driven? Have you thought about how it would be like to have a country where you feel a great sense of belonging to? A place where strangers are not weird beings who lead their own lives but a place where strangers get to say hi or drop a compliment to each other anytime anywhere?

Just some food for thought this first weekend of June.

Have you thought why is it possible overseas but why isnt it so in Singapore? Huge countries out there can manage such an open friendly culture, why cant we? Is it that hard for us to be a little warmer?

Okay, glooms aside. *pushes dark clouds away* We hope we can achieve this dream one day. It has been a veryveryVERY (cant emphasize more!) enjoyable road for us and we want you to enjoy bashing through this road with us too! Lets set milestones in Singapore’s culture together! Take part in our 23 June event!

No wait, you have not signed up? Here, click this link and start your journey with us. 🙂


Lets keep our hearts aligned and envision the home we want to live in,

Team Project Hello Stranger


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