Hello Strangers! Caught our briefing this weekend?

Be it the Friday evening or the Saturday afternoon briefing we had, we will like to give thanks to you guys who took time out to attend the briefing. You could have been shopping, catching a movie, hanging out with your friends, sleeping at home, or having forever alone time but you made the choice to join us! That choice you made is an absolute affirmation for us and for Singaporeans to know that we are ready for a change. We are ready to meet strangers. We are ready to let go of our stern faces. We are ready to step forward. πŸ™‚

For those who missed the briefing and have emailed us your concerns, we hope you have received an invitation to join us in our make up briefing session some time next week. If you have not gotten it, please email us to let us know.Β For those who are still keen to join us but unfortunately did not sign up in time, you guys are on our waiting list, if we need any more ambassadors, definitely, we will inform you in a flash. Of course, you can still just drop by Orchard Road on 23 June to soak in the atmosphere!

Back to briefing, we had so so so much fun and laughter. I tell you, a weekend with strangers can sometimes be so much more memorable that it keeps us thinking about it all week. That icebreaker and the way strangers huddle just to “save” each other from “dying” in the game was heart-warming. Okay, honestly, it was extremely hilarious too. Grown people, screaming when the music stops, rushing for newspapers, giggling and giggling and more giggling. Ha. But how often do you get to scream and run around like kids with people you just met at the playground? Almost never these days.

Someone once told me, the best sort of people are those who are willing to laugh at themselves. You people must be from that category of awesome people. πŸ™‚

This week will be non-stop working for the team. Getting all logistics ready. Working out the final draft of our operations plan. Preparing all collaterals. Finalising everything. Closing the chapter of background work, getting hyped up to open up a new window of hope.

Ambassadors of Class of Project Hello Stranger 2012, are you guys ready? πŸ˜€

Team Project Hello Stranger


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