Morning Strangers! Get Ready to be Blown Away

Hello Strangers!

Today is the day! It is the day we are ready to change the culture in Singapore. One step at a time, we will be closer to the Singapore we want to see in the near future! Can you believe this day has finally arrived?

For the team, and our newly found ambassadors, this is really a milestone for all of us to be able to run a totally self-initiated, self-run public event at Orchard Road. No CIP hours, no certificate, no beautiful testimonial to boot but we are all spending this Saturday together knitting together the culture we want to see. 🙂 

So if you are heading town for a romantic date or going to savour the last bits of the Great Singapore Sale, hop on by our booth at 313 (near Charlie Brown) to say Hello to our team and learn more about us personally. And of course, if you receive a happily coloured balloon, pass it on to a stranger! 🙂 Lets all make new friends today! 

Tweet us/ Facebook us, engage us in conversation! Upload photos of you with our balloons! We will be logged on the whole day so do speak to us!

Alright! Time to set up and wait, what! No time for breakfast? 

Team Project Hello Stranger

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