Hello Strangers, Here’s Presenting Our Kind Sponsors

An honor roll dedicated to our very kind and generous sponsors- be it product, venue, money or anything at all, we are very thankful for this help. Without the boost that you guys gave us, this whole show cannot go on and our project will be just hanging in mid-air. With you guys, everything was made possible. So here’s from all of us at Project Hello Stranger, thank you so so so much!

Sponsoring us monetarily and also providing us with a spacious area for our booth:

313 is our official and sole mall partner who helped us by leaps and bounds to achieve the success of the event. 313@Somerset is on a mission to make shoppers happy this period of Great Singapore Sales so hop on to 313 or visit www.facebook.com/313somerset to learn more about the many prizes ready to be won! Seriously, you should check out their FB page. You will bound to be so excited you will bolt to 313 immediately. 😀 The prizes are really attractive so hurry visit them, you don’t want to miss out on the good deals there! 😀

Supporting us with the Young Change Makers Fund and providing us a huge venue space for our logistics:

Giving us a nice studio to conduct our 1st briefing and providing us with necessary logistics:

Whats an event without some food! Here is a list of our F&B sponsors:

Pampering us with cute and yummy cupcakes:

For our dosage of carbs and sugar with bread and coke:

For soothing our throats with cooling water and pi pa gao:

Kudos to our sponsors,

Team Project Hello Stranger

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