Hello hello hello!

We are back with a swoosh (cause bang is too mainstream)! We are once again here to discover new grounds, run new campaigns, try out new stuff, bump into new obstacles, make new friends and basically crave our way to meet our objectives.

We will still stay true to what we believe in and what we set out to achieve, which is to build a tighter community in Singapore and to bring out the sunshine and niceness of our fellow Singaporeans. 🙂

To start things off, we are inviting you to a gathering to catch up and to be merry and also to hear about our new plans! We want to run these new ideas with you first before we launch it all over our platforms. We are honestly bursting to share with you what lies ahead.

Date: 3 Aug 2012

Venue: NVPC, Central Mall at Clarke Quay

Time: Evening, after working hours (Ha, we will email you the time once you RSVP to us)

To attend, please please please drop us an email at project.hello.stranger@gmail.com with the header “Let’s meet up!” Be sure to invite your friends/ family/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ anybody to come say Hello! We will welcome everyone with open arms! 🙂

Looking forward to Friday already (terrible, its only Monday!),

Team Project Hello Stranger

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