Hello Strangers- What a Wonderful Bunch

Happy gathering! So once again, we got the old bunch and new bunch of strangers down to NVPC for a gathering and a little updates on the knick knacks that are going on in our brains. Bought some donuts, made sure everyone was on a sugar high, and we had a ball of fun.

Not forgetting the random Korean MTV we played that got a few of us dancing to a random beat.

Thank you to those who took time off to be merry with us. Its very sweet to know how you guys stuck with us despite our long hibernation. We would also want to thank the new comers for taking a step forward to get to know us. Especially those who came alone, not an easy move but most definitely very courageous. We really want to thank those who stepped up to talk to us personally about their ideas and how they felt about the project. It was very encouraging to know that there are people who care about setting a footprint in the Singaporean culture, people who believe in change and people who believe in the power of the community. We do too! 🙂

For those who couldnt make it last Friday, fret not, sweat not, forget us not, we will publish all the little plans we have in a jiffy.

At the meantime, if you are a student and you are reading this, heads up! We are calling student bodies to be a part of a mini Teachers’ Day campaign. Not much you have to do on your side, really, but the experience will definitely be a part of your memories of school. Besides that, your teachers will be surprised. Okay thats all we can say, just in case a teacher is reading this. If you are interested to know more, email us at project.hello.stranger@gmail.com. Top secret.

We are actually not too good at keeping secrets. Ha. Seriously, this is so tough!

Team Project Hello Stranger

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