Hello Stranger wishes all a HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!

A tiny bunch of us headed out last Sunday on a very important mission- to let the shoppers along Orchard Road know that Teachers’ Day is around the corner (I bet you, working adults have no idea at all!) and to get people to take photos with our self-decorated whiteboard and pledge to salute all teachers’ and their amazing work in grooming all of us.

For Project Hello Stranger, most of us are out of school and we do miss being in school quite alot and when we think back about our schooling days, there will always be a teacher who had touched our hearts so much that we still remember him/her many years down the road.

Do you have a teacher you want to thank? Go ahead and use this occasion to share your love. You know what they say about occasions like this- you can do/say everything mushy and its still legit. šŸ™‚

If we did not have teachers, the world will be a terrible place and Project Hello Stranger will probably not exist as well. So Kudos to you teachers for nurturing us and imparting knowledge into our tiny minds, for being ever so patient and for losing your voices again and again, for waking up earlier than us and knocking off late just to accommodate our consultation slots, for disciplining us and forcing us back on the right track despite all the childish hatred we had for you. Your love is unconditional and here’s a BIG hug for all of you (Project Hello Stranger style)!


Project Hello Stranger

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