Hello Stranger: We are Expanding!

It puts us into great embarrassment and honour to know that there are people out there who actually want to join us! Despite the long hiatus and the numerous excuses we make, there are real people who have emailed us for our recruitment. Definitely our biggest honour.

Those who havent heard the news (where have you been!), Project Hello Stranger is recruiting! We are short of manpower (and womanpower) and creative juices so please if you possess the following characteristics and are keen to step out of your comfort zone to make a difference in Singapore, do let us know!

1) Passionate about our cause
2) Keen to interact with strangers
3) A risk-taker
4) Prepared to plan for a big event in June ’13 (plus small campaigns along the way)
5) Willing to attend approximately 1 meeting/wk (usually on weekday nights) + sometimes weekend recces and events
6) Willing to commit from Jan 13- June 13

If interested, email us with these necessary details!
Skills (If any): (eg. Photography, Video editing skills, Sourcing for Sponsorship, Design)


Engulfed with excitement to meet and even work with strangers,

Team Project Hello Stranger

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