Hello Strangers, It is TWENTY THIRTEEN!

Hello new friends, old friends, and beautiful strangers!

2012 has been an amazing year for us. I dont think we have to even explain why, you guys know it. You made our year so amazing! Giving us loads of opportunities to share our cause, participating ever so actively (despite how inactive we were at times) at our activities, emailing us tonnes of encouraging notes, FB msging us ideas, suggestions, feedbacks, or just words of care.

Our team is so grateful to Singapore (and our overseas supporters) for allowing us to have this project, for giving us space and time to grow, for always being there! We started out thinking of PHS like our baby, truth is, PHS is your baby too! You nurtured it with us! 🙂

This year will be another journey for us. We’ve expanded with new members! Changed our logo! Everything is going great. Continue to observe our platforms (FB/ Twitter/ here!) and I promise I will be a more diligent blogger documenting our adventures here!

Till the next hello stranger moment moment!

Team Project Hello Stranger


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