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This is a initiative with strong guerilla leanings. To put it simply, most of us are students just yearning to do our part to make society a friendlier, happier place!

If you love our cause and want to support us, we welcome all individuals and organizations! How can you contribute?

1) Liking and sharing

The easiest and most awesome way to feedback your love for our cause would be to like our facebook page and by sharing our videos with your friends. Spread the love!

2) Ideas

Ways to make someone’s day, ideas to get more reach on the social media/mass media platforms, interesting things in which you want us to do in our videos to spread love to our fellow Singaporeans, we welcome all of them!

Do so by dropping us an email at!


3 thoughts on “support us

  1. i just want to give you my support on your project. Every effort count as your project and initiative really comes in time. Singapore over the years have changed. We should not be a society of tolerance, as tolerance level in Singapore has depleted over the years. We should be a society of grace and your movement has make the first step for all I know. It will be a very very long journey much tranvelled, but the first step is always the milestone and always the most difficult. I applause you for your effort. Keep in up. GIVE ME A BIGBIG BIG BIG FIVE!!!!

    • Hi Kenneth! Thank you so much! To us, every support and every smile we get keeps us going. 🙂 Kudos to you and the others for supporting us. All the encouragement makes the journey so much happier for us as well. Yup, we envision Singapore to be a place filled with grace and kindness and we really believe its possible! It may be hard, but trying and being proactive is always better than nothing! *GRAND SLAM HIGH 5*

  2. Hey I think this is a FANTASTIC project. It really really does make people happy/happier. Even if it doesn’t make a lot a lot of people happy, what you do make ME happy. I see your Facebook updates all the time and it is really good for my daily happiness. Thanks!!!!!!!!

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